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Hello Everyone, Welcome to My Personal Blog. I belong to the City Of Nawabs Lucknow, India. I am a Computer Engineer by profession and i am passionate about blogging. Apart from that, i also love programming and can program in quite a few languages like C, C++, Java, C#, PHP. I have also done a few certifications which include CCENT and SCJP.

My love for Computers started when i got my first Computer around 12 years ago. I was fascinated by it and its applications. And slowly-slowly, i started messing with it, trying out applications and a lot of random things. All those experiments of the past have taught me a lot of things about Computers. I got into blogging in my second year at college when i noticed that most of the techie people like me had one of there own. So i decided to start my own blog where i can share my experience of knowledge with the world and i have never looked back ever since. I now write on a few blogs of my own. I write about Computers and Other Technical Stuff at www.whoismadhur.com. For my soccer related views, you can visit www.thesoccerpitch.com, and for Computer Games related news, check out www.gamebojo.com.

Though you can call me a techie or a geek, my whole life does not revolve around computers (although most of it does). I am Die Hard Manchester United Fan and i enjoy watching soccer. I also love Computer Games of any kind and have played almost all the major ones. I also love watching movies, listening to Music, watching TV series which include Lost, Supernatual, Prison Break, Doctor Who. I also loved playing Cricket and Lawn Tennis but that has now become quite a thing of the past.

To Contact me, you can mail me at madhur[dot]kapoor[at]gmail[dot]com. Or you can find me on these sites

Would Love to receive your feedback and comments.

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